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We strive to be the premier audio services provider in the industry. We offer exceptional audio recording and production services to musicians, artists, and content creators. Our SaaS platform provides a user-friendly experience for bands, studios and the community.

Our mission is to empower musicians, bands, and artists by providing an innovative, all-in-one platform that streamlines their careers and fosters meaningful connections with their fans. We are committed to offering exceptional recording studio services, cutting-edge software solutions, and a curated retail music experience, all grounded in our core values of Honor, Courage, Commitment, Innovation, and Creativity. Through our focus on Continuous Delivery, Architecture, Product and Process, Lean Management and Monitoring, and Cultural development, we strive to uplift the music community and make a lasting impact in South Fulton, TN, and beyond.

Welcome to South Fulton Recording Studio

Recording Studios

The Voicer is a 2,000 square foot facility with 1 control room, 2 live rooms, and 1 vocal booth

Our Projects

We are very proud of our client base and the lasting relationships we have forged over many years.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Hispanic Community

Our Clients

  • Michael Earle
  • Ann Houston
  • Natasha Ward
  • Katie Dunnv
  • Roger Hoehne
  • Thomas Elliott
  • Bobby Hodge
  • Lisa Cook
  • Nathalie Smith
  • Ben Worrell
  • Jane Wilcher
  • Pauline Day
  • Gabriel Chau
  • Galen Martin
  • Michael Earle
  • Michael Vazquez
  • Matthew Duncan
  • Rickey Campbell
  • Jonathan Ku
  • Theresa Ochoa
  • Angela Hunley
  • Beverly Pleasants
  • Louis Shay
  • Stephen Rivers
  • Alan Doody
  • Betty Cochran
  • Marlene Fowler
  • Lois Olson

Studio Chronicles: Latest Insights and Expertise

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“I cannot praise South Fulton Recording Studio enough for the exceptional products we’ve created together. Their support has resulted in outstanding music and graphics, showcasing their unparalleled expertise. I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend South Fulton Recording Studio to anyone seeking top-notch quality and professionalism.”

– Ashley Greene

“My initial session at South Fulton Recording Studio, intended as a one-time demo recording for my publisher, turned into a remarkable experience. The exceptional standard and quality of service I received left a lasting impression. So much so that I found myself returning to record entire songs. The studio’s dedication to excellence and the outstanding level of service truly made it an unforgettable journey.”

– Louis Shay

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your dedication and hard work in crafting the music and sound for Economy Gastronomy episode. Despite the challenges posed by a tight deadline, your efforts were pivotal in making the project an outstanding success. Thank you for your exceptional contributions.”

– Marlene Fowler

Our Team

Behind the scenes at South Fulton Recording Studio, a cadre of brilliant minds orchestrates the symphony of creativity. Our C-suite leaders, masters of their domains, infuse every project with a touch of genius. With sharp minds and visionary perspectives, they elevate artistic endeavors to extraordinary heights. Their strategic brilliance not only shapes our studio’s path but also crafts a future where innovation and artistry harmonize seamlessly. Together, they are the architects of sonic brilliance, propelling South Fulton Recording Studio into a realm of unparalleled sophistication and ingenuity.

Will Sokolowski


Nate Dorr


Aletha Della Rocco


David Dorr



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