Mixing and Mastering Services

Mixing and Mastering Excellence Unleashed

Welcome to the pinnacle of sonic perfection – where your music transcends boundaries and reaches its full potential. Our Mixing and Mastering Services redefine industry standards, offering a transformative experience for artists ready to elevate their sound.

Crafting Your Sonic Identity:

Immerse yourself in the artistry of our Pro Tools Ultimate studio, equipped with the industry’s finest tools – Izotope, Fabfilter, RX 10, UAD, API, Neve, and more. With a meticulous approach, we balance 30 tracks seamlessly, ensuring each element resonates with clarity and impact.

Meticulous Mixing:

Our seasoned engineers dive deep into the art of mixing, balancing dynamics, enhancing spatial elements, and sculpting your tracks into a cohesive masterpiece. The result? A professionally mixed composition that captures the essence of your music.

Masterful Mastering:

Step into the final stage of sonic refinement. Our mastering process goes beyond industry standards, applying the same toolkit to fine-tune your song for optimal clarity, balance, and industry-ready perfection. The calibrated Sonarworks environment ensures lossless audio quality, creating a beautifully mastered, streaming service-ready track.

Unleash Your Sound:

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a rising star, our Mixing and Mastering Services cater to your unique sound. Unleash the full potential of your music, transcending conventional boundaries and making your tracks stand out in the crowded musical landscape.

Why Choose Us:

  • Industry-leading tools and plugins for a world-class sound
  • Meticulous mixing process to bring out the best in your tracks
  • Mastering expertise for optimal clarity and balance
  • Sonarworks calibration for lossless audio quality
  • Streamlined and professional service to meet your artistic goals

Your Sonic Journey Begins:

Experience the difference with our Mixing and Mastering Services. Contact us today to discuss your project, and let’s embark on a sonic journey that elevates your music to unparalleled heights. At South Fulton Recording Studio, excellence is not an option; it’s the standard.

Mixing Rates:

  • Single Track Mixing: $150 per track
  • EP Mixing (4-6 tracks): $600 – $800
  • Album Mixing (10-12 tracks): $1200 – $1500

Mastering Rates:

  • Single Track Mastering: $70 per track
  • EP Mastering (4-6 tracks): $250 – $350
  • Album Mastering (10-12 tracks): $500 – $700

Mixing and Mastering Combo Rates:

  • Single Track Combo: $200 per track
  • EP Combo (4-6 tracks): $800 – $1000
  • Album Combo (10-12 tracks): $1500 – $1800

Recording Session Rates:

  • Hourly Rate: $75 per hour
  • Half-Day Session (4 hours): $280
  • Full-Day Session (8 hours): $500
  • Weeklong Package (40 hours): $2200

Packaged Deals:

  • Demo Package: $500 (Includes 4 hours of recording, mixing, and mastering for 2 tracks)
  • EP Package: $1500 (Includes 16 hours of recording, mixing, and mastering for up to 5 tracks)
  • Album Package: $3500 (Includes 40 hours of recording, mixing, and mastering for up to 12 tracks)

Website Development:

  • Basic Artist Website: $500 (Includes 3 pages: Home, About, Music)
  • Standard Artist Website: $1000 (Includes 5 pages: Home, About, Music, Gallery, Contact)
  • Premium Artist Website: $1500 (Includes 8 pages: Home, About, Music, Gallery, Videos, Shop, Blog, Contact)

Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

  • Basic Campaign: $300 per month (Includes 3 posts per week on 2 platforms)
  • Standard Campaign: $600 per month (Includes 5 posts per week on 3 platforms, 1 ad campaign)
  • Premium Campaign: $1000 per month (Includes daily posts on 3 platforms, 3 ad campaigns, monthly analytics report)