Empowering Our Heroes Through Music

At South Fulton Music, we’re proud to support our nation’s veterans and provide them with opportunities to unleash their creativity, develop new skills, and pursue their passions. Through our music education programs, training initiatives, and retreats, we’re empowering veterans to make meaningful contributions to the music industry and beyond.

Our mission is to use our resources and expertise to make a positive impact in our community and beyond, including our nation’s veterans. We believe that by giving back to those who have served our country, we can create a more just and equitable society, and contribute to the overall well-being of our planet.

Our vision is to be the premier destination for music creation and production, recognized for our commitment to innovation, excellence, and community. We strive to revolutionize the music industry by leveraging technology and expertise to empower artists and producers around the world, while also supporting local initiatives that promote education and artistic expression.

Our Programs and Initiatives

Free Music Lessons and Training

We offer free music lessons and training programs to veterans, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the music industry. Our experienced instructors work closely with veterans to help them develop their musical talents and explore new opportunities.

Retreats at Our 10-Acre Estate

Our week-long retreats at our 10-acre estate provide veterans with a chance to relax, connect with nature, and focus on their creativity. Our estate features state-of-the-art recording facilities, comfortable accommodations, and a supportive community of fellow veterans 

Software Engineering Internships

We offer software engineering internships to all veterans, providing them with valuable job training and experience. Our interns work on cutting-edge projects and gain hands-on experience in the music technology industry.

Job Placement and Career Support

We offer job placement and career support to veterans who are interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. Our network of industry professionals and job opportunities help veterans take their skills to the next level and achieve their professional goals.

Join Us in Our Mission

At South Fulton Music, we’re committed to supporting our nation’s veterans and providing them with opportunities to thrive in the music industry and beyond. Join us in our mission to empower veterans through music, and help us create a more just and equitable society for all. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and initiatives, and how you can get involved.

We’re here to help you in any way we can. Please fill out the form to get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.